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'Error with Permissions-Policy'? Disqus Content Security Policy Code


    John Partee

I was setting up the comments for WorthHearing, my new music blog, when I ran into an issue with Disqus and my content security policy (CSP) that wasn't well documented.

Error with Permissions-Policy header: Origin trial controlled feature not enabled: 'interest-cohort'.

A CSP essentially tells our browser where to allow code to run, and where it can pull data from. If you are using a CSP (and you probably should!), you'll need these lines to make Disqus work.

Make sure to include your Disqus subdomain, in my case:


  script-src 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline' https://*your-shortname*

If you have any of these keys (like script-src), you'll need to combine the above with your old security policy. In my case, it looked like:


  default-src 'self';
  script-src 'self' 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline';
  style-src 'unsafe-inline';
  img-src * blob: data:;
  connect-src *;

The CSP above is kind of lazy. It's really not smart to use *'s to allow any source on any of these policies, but I'm not as worried about security with a static site. The big thing is enabling comments here!

Which is working now!

Huge thanks to who did all of the work for me.

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