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Making Personal Life Easier with ChatGPT


    Laura Partee LaRosa

Making Little Things More Efficent

So you heard about ChatGPT and are not sure what this news means for yourself.

So far, I have seen many posts on social media discussing the influence ChatGPT can have on the business sector, what inefficiencies it can fix and what jobs it can ultimately get rid of.

I asked, and a list of industries being impacted by ChatGPT (given by ChatGPT) are: Customer Service, Content creation, Marketing, Language Translation, Healthcare, Finance, Gaming,Education.

I started to wonder how ChatGPT could help me with my personal life. Sure ChatGPT is making a huge impact on writing articles, social media posts, code, and so much more.

But how could it make grocery shopping, meal planning, making to do lists easier for me so that these things do not linger over my head while at work?

What if ChatGPT could help with my own personal inefficiencies in everyday life.

Meal Planning Made Easy

I asked ChatGPT to help me meal plan on a budget, since grocery prices, as you probably know, are through the roof right now.

I was met with suggestions about how to grocery shop well - as these were great tips, I had heard them all before, the classic, don't shop while hungry, and others that did not quite give me what I was looking for. But feel free to type that in to ChatGPT if you have not heard those cliches before.

Then, I asked ChatGPT to help me plan specific low cost meals. Here is what I found:

I was pleasantly surprised by this. These are low budget and versatile recipes that give me direct meal ideas for the week ahead.

I am always searching for new recipes, which can take up a lot of time. Through ChatGPT, this was convenient because this list was given to me almost instantly.

You can then ask ChatGPT the specific ingredients in each of the recipes above.

ChatGPT can then make a grocery list for you based on the recipes you picked from the list, or scrape this and ask ChatGPT for other recipes to choose from.

Meal planning? Done.

ChatGPT Doing More than Google

Continuing with the theme of simplifying the process of recipe finding and planning meals, I found something quite interesting.

I was planning to make a recipe for dinner and I noticed it only called for one cup of dry white wine. With this being something I do not normally keep on hand, I was ready to buy it, but thought that most likely, the rest of the bottle would rot away in my fridge.

I knew that this wine must harbor a lot of flavor in the dish, so I did not want to explicitly ignore the flavor notes, but I struggled asking Google what to do instead.

When I asked Google, I was met with a few ehh options that did not seem great. These included water and/or chicken broth. I thought that these would be fine replacements, but would not match the same tang wine has.

This lead me to ask ChatGPT what to do instead. I was met with so many options:

I liked how ChatGPT not only had a concise list of other options to use instead of wine, but I was also given why I would want to use one of the ingredients.

Using ChatGPT instead of Google for this oddily specific question about ingredient replacement led me to use a mixture of chicken broth and a little bit of white wine vinegar, which I already had on hand.

The dish turned out delicious and it eliminated waste in my kitchen, leading me to use up items I already had, and saving me 3/4 of an item from going to waste.

I was overall happy with the choices I was given, but I asked what else I could use if I did not have any of the ingredients suggested. Here is what I was given:

Here, I realized that with any question I ask, I can ask for even more alternatives or suggestions if I do not like the ones given to me - which is so useful!

Making a Todo List

Going along with the idea of finding items in my personal life that take up a little too much time, I stumbled across to-do list making.

I seem to get overwhelmed when I have tasks that I know need to get done, but the overload of options and what order to do them in makes my brain feel fuzzy.

With ChatGPT, I am attempting to make my life less complex, so I needed a little advice in this area of planning for the day.

ChatGPT had some advice for me:

These steps for creating a to do list slightly reminded me of the meal plan tips, that I have heard them before, but I thought these tips were helpful to hear again.

Sometimes, just rereading how to do something well can lead you in the right direction.

I learned to keep my to do list simple and focus on the order in which I want to get things done in. Even though I have heard this advice before, having it reiterated to me in a simple way, helped me build a simple, non overwhelming to do list for the day.

Motivation for Your Day

I am a huge proponent of postive affirmations, this may or may not be because words of affirmation is my number one love language.

Anyway, the theme of my research is to fill in the inefficiencies in my day to day life. I found that starting the day on the right foot is one of these inefficiencies.

Not saying that I am in a bad mood, but at first, waking up, getting ready for the day, it is nice to start the work day on the right foot.

I find it inspiring or at least a little easier to start my day with some positive reading or words to put a little pep in my step to start my day. That being said, I leaned into what ChatGPT had to say about this.

Like the to do list making, I have heard these before, but being reminded of these things never hurts.

Think of something you might need to hear to get through the day and see what ChatGPT has to say.

Side Note: I got a little extra carried away and started asking for inspiration quotes, because let's face it, I can never get enough.

Here is your quote for the day:

Try it Out for Yourself

Overall, I did find a few ways that ChatGPT can aid me in everyday life.

I needed to spend less time and brain power creating meal ideas for the week, finding ingredient replacements, and help with to do list making.

Maybe for you, your personal inefficiencies include other aspects that ChatGPT could help you accomplish, or at least help find a way to make the task less complicated or overwhelming.

Over time, since ChatGPT learns along with your requests, this makes the items of simplifying personal tasks overtime even more simple. Next week, I should be able to type in budget-friendly meals, I should be met with even more options for my week ahead.

I hope this dive into ChatGPT for personal use showed you that ChatGPT has endless options, not only for the business sector, but should be used as a resource for you too.

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